Best Speaker Awards

At every Ashfield Toastmasters Club meeting the President considers who has performed best in their allotted roles and speeches.  The person is likely to have been someone who has prepared well, and then executed the role with aplomb.  It may be a new Toastmaster who has achieved a personal best by taking on a challenging role, or delivering a speech which exhibits a marked improvement in some way.

The Best Speaker Award recognises these endeavours in front of the whole Club, and the recipient is given a small certificate and ‘Best Speaker’ ribbon.

Best Speakers for the 2014/2015 Year.

  • 10 July Stephen Sanson
  • 24 July Christina Cheng
  • 14 August Peter Dixon
  • 28 August (none awarded due to Club competition)
  • 11 September (none awarded)
  • 25 September Amigo Shen
  • 9 October Amigo Shen
  • 23 October Peter Dixon
  • 13 November Krishnan Mootoosamy
  • 27 November Stephen Sanson
  • 11 December (none awarded due to Christmas Party)
  • 25 December (no meeting held)
  • 8 January Aryo Satrio
  • 22 January Helen Hu
  • 12 February Philip Bendeich
  • 26 February (none awarded due to Club Competition)
  • 12 March Ralph Fernandes
  • 26 March (none awarded due to Lachlan Division Competition)
  • 9 April Philip Bendeich
  • 23 April Ralph Fernandes
  • 14 May Christine Cargill
  • 28 May Helen Hu
  • 11 June (none awarded)
  • 25 June Ralph Fernandes

Congratulations to all our Best Speakers!