Benefits of Membership

The benefits of becoming a Toastmaster are many.

You’ll receive the following tangible benefits.

  • A Competent Communication manual.
  • A Competent Leadership manual.
  • Membership of Toastmasters International (perpetual)
  • Membership of your chosen Club (annual).
  • 11 issues of Toastmaster magazine.

You’ll also receive the following intangible benefits.

  • Increased self-confidence.
  • Improved skills in public-speaking.
  • Opportunities to practise leading a group.

The intangible aspects may be harder to measure but they’ll continue to deliver value in many areas of your life – they are the most significant benefits you’ll obtain from being a Toastmaster!

Communication Skills

We all communicate every day with friends, strangers, relatives, and organisations.  Most interactions are spontaneous and generally we feel comfortable with this – but are we making the best impression possible?

Each day the results we get depend on how well we communicate. People react to us based on the impression we give to them through speech content, body language, gesture, eye contact, vocal variety, and facial expression.

At Toastmasters we learn how to make the best use of our voices, expressions, gestures, and words. Toastmasters as an organisation is dedicated to helping members learn how to…

  • structure a speech of any length,
  • choose the right words and maximise their effect,
  • effectively use body language,
  • add impact with vocal variety, and
  • inspire and persuade.

Leadership Skills

Not everyone aspires to be a leader however leadership has many dimensions and contexts. Toastmasters provides the opportunities to practise leadership skills in a structured and supportive environment, and assists you to determine what works for you in a given situation.

Question: How does a Toastmaster develop Leadership experience?
Answer: By taking opportunities to…

  • chair meetings,
  • introduce speakers and manage speech sessions,
  • evaluate the performance of other members in speaking and meeting roles,
  • mentor new members,
  • stand for Club Committee roles,
  • assist in membership drives, and
  • organise competitions.

The opportunities don’t stop at the Club-level – other roles are available at Area, Division and District levels.  How far can you take it?

Transferable Skills

The communication skills and leadership skills developed at Toastmasters are transferable to every aspect of life.

Your improved speaking and leadership skills will serve you well at work, at Church,  at social events, and even within your family.  You’ll find that you’ll develop increased confidence whenever there is an opportunity to lead or to speak.  Others will notice!

Toastmasters will help you to create a ‘toolbox‘ of skills that you will carry with you for the rest of your life and wherever you go.